Podcast Library


Welcome to our podcast library.

Our plan is to update the library with a new installment of Compassionate Conversations each month. Our podcast is an opportunity for ANCORA to connect with and support our community through a different medium. If there is a topic you would like us to explore on Compassionate Conversations, we encourage you to email us at info@hofrc.org.


March 2023 -

our inaugural podcast, featuring general information and exploring the role hospice social workers play as part of the patient care team.


April 2023 -

April is National Volunteer Month and in this podcast, we explore the different types of hospice volunteers as well as highlight some of our current volunteers and the many ways they support HRC.


May 2023 -

In this installment, HRC’s CEO, Lynn Flanagan, talks with Megan Cole, LCSW, Director of Support Services and Cindy Tuttle, RN, CHPN, CLE, Director of Clinical Operations, Gibson House division. Together they do a deeper dive into Gibson House, HRC’s inpatient facility and also discuss – and dispel – some common misconceptions about Gibson House.


June 2023 -

Two of HRC’s chaplains, Linwood Carver and Hunter Thompson, talk with CEO, Lynn Flanagan, about the versatile role of the hospice chaplain. As part of the interdisciplinary approach to care, chaplains are a vital part of the team and support patients and families in a variety of ways.


July 2023 -

In this episode, ANCORA’s CEO, Lynn Flanagan, talks with Hospice Aide Team Leaders Patty Hairston, CNA-I and Valerie Hairston, CNA-II. Together they delve into the integral role of the hospice aide and highlight the many ways our aide services improve quality of life for our patients and ease the caregiving strain for our families.